Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Move

Last Sunday, my singles ward made a big move—to a new building and time slot. Now church starts at 11 a.m. and we meet on the east side of State Street. And the building we moved to is amazing. It was built in 1949, had some additions in later years, like a gym, and feels like a well-used building. The primary is upstairs, the nursery is in the basement. Sweet!

In all this kafuffle, I pondered about the importance of change. Life brings unexpected twists, friends make poor decisions, family grows up, and the ward changes to a new building. I don't really like change, but I recognize the importance of change, because it allows me to grow in wisdom and character.

A lot of the times, I want to be in control, telling everyone and everything what to do, while at other times, I'm happy to go with the flow and be told what to do. But changes allows me to choose between action and reaction. If something happens that I don't like, do I react to it? Or do I act? Reaction is mostly emotion. I let my emotions get the best of me, resulting in hasty, hurtful decisions. Action requires me to look at the situation with a broader perspective. At those times, I feel I can use logic to calmly view everything. But if I go to the other end of the spectrum, my logic can actually be a detriment where I become disconnected to the situation and make decisions that are against my feelings.

I find I need a healthy balance between the two: emotion and logic. Reaction and action. I can't be logical all the time. I can't be emotional all the time. Either would physically wear me out. It's hard to find that balance, and believe me, I'm not perfect. But I try to do my best. And that's good enough for me.

Such a little change to switch buildings. But this little change will affect me for a year.

Friday, July 10, 2009

WiiHarmony 2

Yes, WiiHarmony 2 is almost finished. Just a few more touch ups here and there, and the commercial will be complete. This time we used a green "screen" to get some cool effects. Not all the shots worked out with our green screen/sheet, but for first timers coming to this, it worked out pretty well.

WiiHarmony is a lot of fun to do. I had two friends play the part this time. And when we asked them to get a little closer, so they actually looked like they were in love, they kept taking smaller steps and leaning back. It was hilarious!

Coming soon to this blog....WiiHarmony 2!